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Exclusive Interactive Investor survey shows: How Australians make investment decisions

Interactive Investor recently conducted Australia’s first ever in-depth survey into how Australians make investment decisions online and how they prefer to receive information relating to their investments. Carried out in conjunction with online market research firm Nine Rewards, the survey shows that two-thirds of Australians have investments.

For the IR industry, though, greater interest lies in the findings that demonstrate how the investor demographic is changing – and how communicating information to investors needs to change as a result.

1000 people, aged 18 to 65+ from all around the country, took part in the survey of how Australians receive investment information. It looked at influences on investment decisions, as well as how and when people act on the information.

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Crowd-Funding and IR

The growing popularity of crowd-funding has led to new regulation in the US – and the IR industry should take note of these trends…

Crowd-funding is yet to really take off in Australia (although it is surely just a matter of time), but it is all the rage overseas, especially in the US. The likes of Kickstarter are helping start-ups ranging from the creative to the practical secure investment funding to get projects up and running.

At first glance, crowd-funding may seem the antithesis of established, regulated investment practices and traditional methods of investor relations communication. Crowd-funding relies almost exclusively on social media to spread the word, which to the eyes of traditionalists makes the whole concept of crowd-funding seem amateurish and even cheap.

However, as the Interactive Investor Survey shows <>, social media is increasingly the preferred means of communication and information dissemination for the next generation of investors, meaning the IR industry has to start utilising it – like it or not.

Moreover, the growth of crowd-funding and its appeal to start-ups and investors alike has prompted the US government to legislate specifically for it and, according to Business Insider, the ‘biggest beneficiary’ could be the investor relations industry.

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